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In Tox and Cancer Research, we have always perfused the lungs immediately
post-necropsy with the fixative of choice with a gravity drip. You can either
tie off the trachea to contain the fixative or simply drop the perfused lungs
into fixative.    If you force fluid into the lungs, e.g. with a syringe, you
run the risk of blowing out the alveoli.  it can be done, but needs and
experienced hand.

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Hi Histonetters,

I am new to this field of histology. I was hoping to get some help from the
group members for my queries.

1. How does one fix and embedd postnatal mouse lung tissue? Stress on
maintaining architecture of the alveoli. I have had problems in maintaing
architecture with frozen sections. Any suggestions are most welcome.

2. For immunoflorescence on mouse lung sections using paraffin sections. Does
give better results as compared to frozen sections.

Thank you in advance

Parthak Prodhan
Pediatric Pulmonary Lab
MassGeneral Hospital for Children
Boston, MA

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