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I am sorry to attach this to another e-mail however, I have received several
e-mails from a Saber Boussema requesting help.  All of the e-mails had an
attachment I was requested to read and all had a virus that Norton picked up
and refused to open.  Some things work some of the time.  Please be careful
with any e-mails from this person and if he was truly asking for help send
an e-mail with no attachments free of viruses.  We don't need these problems
with HistoNet it is to great a service and information center to have to
worry about these issues.  Thanks Pamela Marcum

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> Hi Oswaldo
> I have done great immuno on MMA resin, a method by Neil Hand in the
> UK. The method is well known and written up. But I need to cut metal
> stents now, so need a harder resin.
> If you need to find that one, let me know.
> Melanie.
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