RE: CryoJane accessories

From:"Sennello, Gina"

I use the Gentle Jane system and it consistently improves cell morphology
over the standard methods of freezing tissue.  The oil protection works well
and is a lot easier than covering the surface with warm Cryo-gel or OCT when
you might need to go back to a block.

Gina Sennello
Boulder, CO

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From: Laura S Bursch []
Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 9:01 AM
Subject: CryoJane accessories

We are looking to purchase the CryoJane system and are wondering if the
following tools provide benefits warranting their purchase.  I would
greatly appreciate any information from those of you who use them or choose
not to.  The products are the stand alone Gentle Jane Snap Freezer, the
Vac-Away system, and the oil protection acessory kit.  Thanks for any help
you can offer!

Laura Bursch
Prin. Lab. Tech.
Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine
University of Minnesota

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