Mouse Lungs

From:Susan Bell

Thank you to all the suggestions and information.  I subscribed to 
histonet because I'm trying to set up to do histology and IHC in 
house.  I had no idea I could get so much valuable information about 
other aspects of my job!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I have 
already tried several of the suggestions I've received, and have had 
great success.

For all you folks who occasionally refer to yourselves as 
"old-timers", my 10th grade daughter was rather enthusiastically 
explaining to me last night about how to do matices on her graphing 
calculator.  She first wanted to make sure I understood what she was 
talking about, and I assured her that I had done them at one time 
too, but we didn't have calculators to do them on.  I think that 
confused her.  The point being (I think) ain't the Internet great? 
I've received a wealth of useful information in such a very short 

Thanks a bunch!


Susan Bell
Research Assistant
Targeted Genetics Corporation
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Seattle WA  98101
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