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From:Colleen Forster


I am a re-posting a job opportunity at Cornell University in Manhattan.
respond directly to the name/address listed.

Colleen Forster
U of MN


A position is available at the Medical College of Cornell University for
a full time research histology technician. The laboratory works on
molecular genetic problems in the formation of brain. Multiple mouse
models are used in the study of human disorders of brain development.

Questions that are being addressed fall into areas that range from cell
cycle regulation to cell signaling and adhesion to motility and
modulation of the neuronal cytoskeleton, working with genetic mouse
models of human disease. These questions have relevance not only for
human development but also for the study of epilepsy and behavioral

While a background in neurobiology is desirable, it is not necessary.
Skills are sought in the fixation and blocking of tissue, production of
tissue sections from paraffin embedded specimens, cryostat sectioning
and vibratome sectioning. Standard histological stains such as
hematoxylin and eosin will be used. Experience in immunohistochemical
labeling of antigens in tissue sections using HRP and Fluorescence
detection methods is essential. Applicants must have an ability and
willingness to continually troubleshoot and optimize staining protocols
as new antigens are examined in the projects. The laboratory relies
heavily on the use of a semi-automated tissue staining apparatus for
high throughput processing of slides and appropriate training can be
provided. Manual processing will also be used for special applications.

Candidates should have a BA degree or equivalent and be a graduate of an
established histology technician training program with at least 2 years
of postgraduate experience in either a medical diagnostic or research
laboratory. More postgraduate experience is desirable. Salary level will
be adjusted according to the candidate's level of experience.

Those interested should speak with Dr. Ross to explore a career in
histology research in the area of neurogenetics and brain development.
Contact Dr. Ross at 212-746-5500 or -5533. She can also be reached by
e-mail at

		M. Elizabeth Ross, M.D., Ph.D.
	Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Development
	Weill Medical College of Cornell University
	525 East 68th St., W605
	New York, NY   10021

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