friday's diary

Hi Gang
Well the trip was uneventful. Keep in mind the Omaha airport is not O?Hare
or Atlanta but the lines moved very smoothly and efficiently both at the
counter and through the x-ray machines. It took about 40 minutes total from
the time I arrived at the airport until I reached the gate..and I ended up
waiting at the gate for almost two hours?so get there early and bring a
book or your laptop. Not very many people on the flight or the connection
but everyone was cordial if not a little apprehensive about talking to
strangers. A lot of people are wearing red white and blue and t?shirts with
USA flags on them at the airports. The hotel (Hilton) is right down town
and across the street from the convention center.  I have already met some
histotechs from my neck of the woods and look forward to the crowds
tomorrow. The NSH team was busy just like I predicted and things are
looking set up and working?..what a crew. I registered and got my Leica bag
(has longer handles than the last one I got) and a new bag from BioGene
x that is like a mini fanny bag that my id, hotel key, namebadge and pens
etc can fit in. Both are real nice and I guess I can go home now that I
have what I came for?.of course I am only teasing..see you tomorrow. Anita

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