catecholamine histfluorescence

From:Karen Abella

Hi Rachel,
I use a slightly modified protocol of the SPG
histofluorescence method for catecholamine innervation
developed by: 
1. De La Torre (1980). Standardization of the
Sucrose-Potassium phosphate-glyoxylic acid
histofluorescence method for tissue monoamines.
Neuroscience Letters 17:339-340
2. De La Torre, JC and J.W. Surgeon. 1976. A
methodological approach to rapid and sensitive
monoamine histofluorescnece using a modifed glyoxylic
acid technique: the SPG method. Histochemistry

Let me know if you want a copy of the protocol. I use
it for fresh frozen lymphoid tissues cut at 16 um. To
answer you question: Yes, the fluorescence fades after
some time. The best staining I had had fluorescence
lasting up to about 2 months but most experiments had
fluorescence fading after a few days so try to examine
the slides within a day or two.
Karen Abella
Texas A & M University
Vet Anatomy & Public Health
College Station TX
- --- Rachel Munshower 
wrote: > Hi all you
>   Can anybody help me with getting some info on
> histofluorescence?  We want to be able to see the
> innervation
> of the kidney.  Does the histofluorescence diminish
severely with
> time?
> Thanks so much!
> Rachel

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