bone marrow freezing experts - I NEED YOU!!

From:Clare McNulty

Dear All,
I am a rookie to this site - I'm impressed by how helpful everyone seems to
be! So hopefully someone will have some tips.
I would like to do some Stamper Woodruff frozen section assays on bone
marrow. I have previously done these assays on lung, skin and nasal polyp
and I am completely new to bone marrow - I don't know where to start as far
as freezing goes! The bone marrow we obtain will be aspirates. Does anyone
know how I could freeze these to obtain something sectionable on a cryostat?
I thought maybe spin it down, and embed the cell pellet in OCT or kidney/
liver for cutting. Or somehow concentrate the sample and introduce it into
kidney or liver to support it and then freeze that. I have no idea if any of
this is feasible so also tell me if it all sounds like it won't work. Also,
what sort of thickness and temperature are good for cutting frozen bone
Thanks for any help in advance,
Dr Clare McNulty
The Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research
Department of Zoology
University of Oxford
South Parks Road
Tel: 01865 281542

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