Re: puckers/snout

From:"Renton, Lousie, Mrs" <>

Hi Trisha,

I assume that these wrinkles are in the cartilaginous structures? If 
so then try gently heating the section on a hot plate while it still 
wet from the water bath ( once again I assume that these are 
FFPE tissues) Once the section is flat, then allow the rest of the 
water to drain off naturally - if you leave it on the heat the section 
will dry funny.

Best regards
Louise Renton 
South Africa 

On 26 Sep 01, at 15:39, P. Emry wrote:

> I am cutting pig shouts...really I am.  I am having problems with part
> of the internal structures lying nicely flat on the slide and others
> attached around it forming wrinckles and tiny folds.
> Any advice?
> Trisha
> U of Washington, Seattle

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