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From:Rena Fail

I am registered, I only have an associate degree, and one year in an accredited histology program. Though I have 24 years experience. I find myself constantly reading and researching in an effort to keep up in an ever changing field.

 There are many technicians who can and do deliver a good H&E, but cannot tell you how to troubleshoot a processing problem. Nor do some care enough to earn continuing education units, to read or research on their own. On the flip side, I have also seen techs with BS degrees and formal training in histology who could not operate a pH meter, troubleshoot an H&E let alone decide if an IHC slide stained appropriately.  There are people in every field who just want a job and then there are those who want a career. It is much easier to train techs in the new technology who have had anatomy, chemistry and biology courses. They have the educational background necessary  to grasp the theories behind special procedures. And are therefore (usually) more skilled at developing new techniques and troubleshooting them.

There is always a certain amount of jealousy among those who can and do and those than can and don't. Your friend may never earn the respect of her co-workers.   She will be the one management will turn to institute  new procedures.  Self-respect is worth a good deal more than the respect of your co-workers.

Histology is both a science and an art, a   skill that must constantly be honed. The money will not change until the requirements for the job changes as well as more stringent requirements for certification.

 my own personal opinions
 Rena Fail

02:45 PM 9/30/01 -0400, you wrote:
I have been trying to send this but it keeps coming back, so I am going to try again.  Also, I am not trying to start an argument about who is the better tech.
I understand why ASCP is changing the guidelines (with techs taking the exam 3 or 4 times before passing), but what good will it do?  Yeah, yeah--I know that most job descriptions say ASCP or eligible, but so what?  I know from personal experience that many labs will just change the job descriptions.  I know one girl that just passed the BOR and was told that she wasn't going to get a raise because the other techs (non registered, no college, no formal training) were already getting paid are registered techs.  They actually told her that they had no hopes of anyone passing the exam-ever, because everyone had taken it and failed more than once.  Pay didn't exactly mean that much, although an increase would have said "good job," she just wanted the respect of the others who told her that a college degree meant nothing.  
I was just curious to see if this was commonplace and was going on everywhere.

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