Re: hepatocytes

From:patsy ruegg

the problem with streptavidin is that what it is labelling is endogenous
biotin and would not be specific for just hepatocytes.  it would label any
biotin.  biotin can be in places other than hepatocytes.
patsy ruegg

sanchez romeo wrote:

> Dear Histonetters,
> I am looking for a marker for hepatocytes in pig fetuses for use on frozen
> cryosections (immunoflourescence). I have previously used a commercial
> marker (hepatocyte specific antigen) with minimal success. In my recent
> stainings I noticed that streptavidin-FITC by itself appears to label only
> hepatocytes giving a distinct granular cytoplasmic stain. Is this an
> acceptable marker? Can anyone suggest a reference on endogenous biotin in
> fetal hepatocytes?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Romeo Sanchez (Philippines)
> PhD student
> University of Ghent, Belgium
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