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Hi Marsha, I have been using RCC from Neomarkers/Labvision for a while now.  It works on my Ventana.  I use Protease2 for 8 minutes/32 minute inc with basic DAB detection.  Works great!!!  Oh , I ALWAYS use an biotin block with this Ab.  Even RCC can have high amounts of endogenous biotin like activity.  I use the Ab at 1:40.  Some companies recommend citrate AR for this ab, but that doesn't work for me.  The enzyme is best in my experience.  I can't remember the clone offhand, I'm home.  But if you go to you can find it in their online catalog and download the datasheet on PDF.  Labvision also sells a small size vial of virtually all their ab's.  This is great for the bottom line!!! Let's you try it without shelling out big bucks.  Also good for that one of a kind diagnostic or research situation.Good stuff, good company.

Sorry, I don't have any insight on your Europlakin.


Marsha R Price wrote:
Hi Histonetters,
I need any information that you might have on 2 antibodies. RCC and
Europlakin. What clone are you using? Antigen retrieval etc.? Thank you
in advance for your information.
Marsha Price

On Fri, 21 Sep 2001 08:37:34 -0500 (CDT)
Has anyone done IHC with caspase 3.  If so, where was your antibody 
from and
what protocol did you use. Thanks

Bob Meyer,HTL
Northwestern University

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