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From:Matthew Griffiths

Hi Boju,
We use a Pathcentre for our routine processing and a Lieca for a back up. I
personally prefer the Pathcentre over the Leica, I feel the Pathcentre is
more user friendly and much easier to use. We have achieved consistently
good results and had no problems. I would recommend utilising the TelePath
system, this is where Shandon connect to the Pathcentre via a modem link
every so often (I think it's once a month, but I could be wrong), analyse
all the data and then tell you of any problems or potential problems with
the machine. There are a couple of things that I would prefer to be done
differently on the Pathcentre, but you can't please everyone all the time.
Earlier today I was speaking to our Shandon rep at the IBMS congress about
their new processor, I don't know when it's due out, but from what I saw of
the software interface (the machine it self wasn't there) I am very
impressed. It solves the little things on the Pathcentre that I don't like
too much. If you're not in a rush for the processor then perhaps you might
like to contact Shandon and see when the new one is coming out (I've
forgotten what its called).

Dept of Histopathology
Worcester Royal Infirmary
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> Dear Histonetters; I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the Shandon
> Pathcentre? Any input good or bad is welcome as we are considering
> purchasing one to replace  our Histomatic as it is on in years and parts
> hard to come by. Thanks .Judy Stead.

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