Re: NSH Symposium/Convention

From:Margaret Gondo

Have any of the workshops been cancelled?  Has the NSH been in contact
with all the speakers and confirmed their attendence?  Has the NSH
policy regarding refunds changed since the terrorists attacks?  

Thanks a bunch, 
Margaret Gondo wrote:
> Message from Kerry Crabb, NSH Convention Chairman
> The NSH Symposium/Convention will be held as scheduled September 22 - 27 in
> Charlotte, NC.
> We acknowledge this is not the best time to be conducting a meeting.  There is
> much sadness over what has happened in our country.  Safety is on everyone's
> mind.  Travel is a concern for all and will be difficult in the coming days and
> weeks as new concerns arise and safety restrictions are instituted.
> We have had many inquiries about the possibility of postponing or cancelling the
> meeting.  Unfortunately, this is not an option for NSH unless the federal
> government requires meetings of this type be cancelled.  There are many legal
> contract and financial obligations associated with meetings of our size.  There
> are only a few things in contracts that allow a meeting to be cancelled without
> a huge financial responsibility on the cancelling party.  Accepted cancellation
> reasons are Acts of God (weather), Fire, Domestic Violence (riots) and War.  For
> NSH to cancel without becoming legally liable for ALL financial loss by the
> hotels and convention center the federal government would have to declare war
> and ask the public to cancel their meetings.  The possibility of postponing the
> meeting does not work for us either.  The availability of facilities (hotels and
> convention center) are not likely because they book meeting consecutively.  NSH
> also has meetings scheduled through the year 2009 already.  The logistics of
> postponing would create a nightmare for NSH.  Rescheduling speakers, vendors and
> reregistering attendees would be so disruptive it would equate to cancelling and
> require starting the planning process all over again.
> Considering the circumstances in the United States today, we anticipate that
> some of those scheduled to come to the S/C will not be able to attend.  There
> will be many though who will attend.  Whether they fly, drive or take the train
> they plan on being there.  For them, we will have the meeting as scheduled.  For
> those who may not be able to attend or choose not to attend, we will miss you
> greatly and hope to see you at a future NSH S/C.

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