Re: Microwave processors

Dear Connie;

Check out the HACKER-MILESTONE Systems. They are dedicated laboratory instruments, not modified kitchen ovens. The T/T Mega and URM are intended to handle all your tissue processing needs, and do it with a walk away, 3-step protocol and JFC solution. Milestone systems are multifunction lab stations, so you can accomplish more than same day turn around for all your tissue processing specimens.

User interface is via Windows touch screen. Very easy. Programs for tissue processing, decalcification, fixation, antigen retrieval and special stains are factory loaded. Custom programs can also be written and executed with equal ease. Dedicated HistoModules are used for each process. Full documentation and consistent results are provided, plus your lab's safety is insured by Milestone's manufacturing process.

Please feel free to give us a call for more information.

Best regards,

Elfi Hacker
HACKER Istruments & Industries Inc
Tel: (973) 226-8450
Fax: (973) 808-8281

I'm interested in this, too.  I have a new boss beginning Oct 1 and he is
open to doing things  like this.  To any vendors reading this, I can't
promise when or if a purchase of a MW will happen, but it's something I
would like and I'm trying to convince the New Guy this would be the ticket.

Connie McManus

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