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Dear Cheryl: ;

I responded to Sharon yesterday about some microwave options. As mentioned to her, the HACKER-MILESTONE systems do not use xylene or alcohols, just one reagent called JFC solution. You can process on our instruments via conventional methods, but optimal results and a "green" reagent are insured with the use of JFC. JFC works so well, it can process fatty tissue and small biopsies simultaneously, producing equally good results on all specimens.

You may want to contact Steven Slap directly, as he is quite knowledgeable on microwave issues and may be able to provide you with information which will differentiate the various units available. His e-mail is :

Instruments manufactured by Milestone are the only ones that are designed and manufactured to meet industrial laboratory standards. You will find that other units are modified kitchen ovens. I am not quite sure how that affects their warranty when used in a lab, but I know that Milestone units are fully warranted for laboratory use.

Please give us a call if you have any questions, need a demo etc.

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Hi Sharon, I'm in a similar situation.  We are demo-ing a scientific
microwave next month from Energy Beam Science (their web site is very
informative at  But I was wondering if any one has some
pros and cons they could share for Sharon and I.  At the site they have many
procedures using their chemicals of course.  Does anyone use other chemicals
in their microwave- does it cause any damage?

Cheryl Powell
Botsford General Hospital
Farmington Hills, MI

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