Re: Microwave processors

From:Connie McManus

I'm interested in this, too.  I have a new boss beginning Oct 1 and he is
open to doing things  like this.  To any vendors reading this, I can't
promise when or if a purchase of a MW will happen, but it's something I
would like and I'm trying to convince the New Guy this would be the ticket.

Connie McManus

At 02:18 AM 9/26/01 +0200, Sharon Cassar wrote:
>We are about to purchase a laboratory microwave for tissue processing.  I
>would appreciate any suggestions or information  if anyone uses or has used
>any particular type/brand of this equipmentyour input.
> Thanks in advance,

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Utah State University
Logan, UT
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fax (435) 797-2805

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