Re: Microwave Processing Should Be Banned

Dear Dr. Oppenheimer;

I am sorry your experience with microwaved tissue has been negative. Certainly, there are many occasions where microwaved (and conventionally processed) tissue has been cooked. This is not due to the microwave, but directly related to the fact that, in the past, kitchen ovens, some modified and some straight from Sears have been used.

Making absolutely no claims to be an expert, I venture to say that tissue is cooked in environments where "time at temperature" cannot be properly determined, monitored and controlled. In the past, many microwave procedures have been "best guess" work.

With the goal to provide same day turn around for all tissue processing specimens, Milestone has made it their mission to standardize microwave procedures, and manufacture laboratory instruments which are safe, predictable, easy to use and insure consistent, documented results. Special construction, non-contact temperature control, Dedicated HistoMudules and JFC Solution are just a few of the elements which when combined, deliver outstanding results.

We would be happy to provided you with more details if of interest. Please feel free to give us a call.

Best regards,

Elfi Hacker
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Does microwaving tissue cause damage. Sure does. And it destroys cytologic

The procedure COOKS the chromatin and destroys nuclear detail, destroying
the opportunity to recognize cancer when it is present in small quantities.
I have seen this again and again on specimens sent to me for a second
opinion. Hey, it speeds up turn around time. It ain't worth it. . . . . Just
one pathologist's strongly held opinion.

Jonathan Oppenheimer, MD
OUR Lab, Nashville

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