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From:Rena Fail

Probably got that way heavy breathing on a slide with aniline oil. I've done the stain and though it is pretty not worth working with aniline.
Rena Fail
Medical university of Sc

At 12:31 AM 9/25/01 +0100, you wrote:
Steve Machin answers:taining solution.
As for differentiation, aniline does this very slowly, unlike acetone
or alcohol.  If the section is dry and put into aniline the dye comes

I don't know why aniline is in the s
out very slowly. But if the section is damp it comes out much
We shouldn't do this now because aniline is quite harmful, but the
trick is to do a bit of heavy breathing on the slide.  The moisture
in your breath turns the aniline milky and speeds up the
differentiation. The heavy breathing trick was taught to me by a
drunk Scotsman who will remain nameless.

--- Aidan Schurr <> wrote: > Hi all,
> Have an obscure request for a MacCallum - Goodpasture method for
> Gram positive and negative bacteria.  My question: what is the
> significance of the aniline called for in this method? (both in the
> staining solution and in the differentiator).

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