Re: Forgiving

From:sharon lang

Very nicely said:)  This is suppose to be a support network of 
co-professionals.  You may not like some individuals opinions but they are 
entitled to them.  An old saying is "if you cannot say something nice, then 
don't say anything at all".  A new saying "hit the block button on them 

>From: LaCinda Burchell 
>Subject: Re: Forgiving
>Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 12:57:26 -0500
>In the past I have left Histonet twice because I hate the nasty way that 
>some people treat others on this forum.  I keep coming back because I find 
>the advice on matters pertaining to histology to be very valuable.  Does 
>anybody out there remember the box on a five year old's kindergarten report 
>card that reads "plays well with others" ?  Perhaps more adults should be 
>asking themselves whether or not that box would be checked in as evaluation 
>of them.  Play nice guys, life is too short to waste all that energy being 
>mean.  Cindy B.
> >>> "Michelle D. Moore"  09/25/01 03:20PM >>>
>I was on the histonet a year or two ago and I unsubscribed (spelled
>correctly) because I found some of my fellow histotechs to be mean and
>unforgiving about things. I feel that with all that is going on we should 
>more understanding and kinder to those around us. Some people forget a
>letter in a word and miss it on spell check. Maybe they are having a bad 
>and the snide comments just make things worse. Please lets all try to be
>nicer and give people a break for being HUMAN. I enjoy the histonet a great
>deal and there is a lot of information for everyone to utilize. I'm sorry 
>I offend anyone but I feel we should give each other a break.

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