Re: Forgiving


Well said.  On the scale of things we waste our time and blood pressure when
we get all wound up about email.  It's to easy to say things in email that
you later regret.  Unfortunately  as emails are short and  black and white
we miss the greys and qualifications of normal conversation.  Most of all we
miss the subtle clues of voice and body language.  Lets be as tolerant as we
want to be tolerated.

Andy Shand

p.s.  I wonder how many people this message irritates?

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From: Michelle D. Moore 
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Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 9:20 PM
Subject: Forgiving

> I was on the histonet a year or two ago and I unsubscribed (spelled
> correctly) because I found some of my fellow histotechs to be mean and
> unforgiving about things. I feel that with all that is going on we should
> more understanding and kinder to those around us. Some people forget a
> letter in a word and miss it on spell check. Maybe they are having a bad
> and the snide comments just make things worse. Please lets all try to be
> nicer and give people a break for being HUMAN. I enjoy the histonet a
> deal and there is a lot of information for everyone to utilize. I'm sorry
> I offend anyone but I feel we should give each other a break.

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