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From:Victor Tobias


Thank you for the great information. I have only one comment about point #9.
Working with Animal tissue is the same as Human tissue with regards to
Histology. With over 10+ years of experience in each of Animal and Human
Histology, there is no significant difference.


"Rivera, Maria L. (Tallahassee)" wrote:

> Let me tickle you a bit.
> As you can see from my e-mail address I work for the State of Florida,
> Department of Health, DOH, and Legal Department and am a Histotech, licensed
> with the State.
> I don't know who you have been talking to but the information you stated is
> not correct and since I am the only "Histotech" with The Agency for Health
> Care Administration , that I am aware of, and most calls regarding Histology
> (LABS, LICENSINGS,  OSHA,  etc...) and DOH usually come directly to me, I
> know that you did not talk to me. (I am also a lurker here)
> Correct information herein is:
> 1.  If you are licensed ASCP, that license is accepted by endorsement in
> the State of Florida and you will get a Florida License WITHOUT taking the
> 2. If you have a degree in ANY science and have experience, you may sit for
> the exam and be licensed in the State of Florida.
> 3. The HIV/AIDS CEU is required and ALL hospitals offer this course FREE of
> 4. You do not have to ATTEND a Florida school only a FLORIDA APPROVED
> school. Most of the techs here work as an intern, received a stipend in lieu
> of pay and ATTEND a correspondence school.
> 5. If you have 4-5 years experience you may sit for the EXAM in lieu of a
> degree.
> 6. Florida is very harsh but I have yet to PROSECUTE a Histotech for
> anything.
> 7. You want to work here, then pay your dues just like everyone else has to.
> 8. If you don't have a license in another state or certified ASCP then YOU
> ARE NOT "thoroughly trained to do"  ANYTHING.
> 9. Working with ANIMAL tissue is not the same as HUMAN tissue.
> 10. As you can see RV's are not the only things you have to worry about.
> If you want the correct information, feel free to contact me.  Not only will
> I give out the correct information but can also guide you though the
> requirements needed to obtain a license.
> Whew!
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> Subject:        Florida HT/HTL licensing catch-22
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> and suggestions would be
> greatly appreciated!
> 1. I want to work as a HT/HTL in the State of Florida.
> 2. I have a BS degree in biology and 1 year experience working at a
> university, in the faculty of medicine working with ANIMAL tissue
> (processing, sectioning, staining etc.) which I don't need any special
> licenses or ASCP accreditation to do.
> 3. Because of #2, I qualify to take both the HT and HTL exams offered by
> the ASCP BOR and can sign up to do that immediately.
> 4. Supposing I take and pass the ASCP exam for becoming a HT, I still
> need a license to work in Florida.
> 5. The Florida Department of Health states that the
> qualifications for Histology technician licensing are as follows:
> " For the category of histology, applicants must have 4 hours board
> approved HIV/AIDS continuing education and board certification gained by
> examination in histology through the Board of Registry of the American
> Society of Clinical Pathologists certification program at the
> Histotechnician (HT) level with a minimum of a high school diploma or
> TRAINING PROGRAM (or FOUR years experience plus certification)."
> 6. If you follow me thus far, here is the catch 22. I must move to
> another state to get 4 years of experience (obviously I can't get the
> experience here without a license), OR I have to quit my job and sign up
> for the training program. There are only 2 places in Florida that offer
> the approved training program, Dianon Systems Inc. and Suncoast
> Pathology and these training programs are 1 year long.
> 7. If you are still with me, you might be saying to yourself "oh well,
> that's the price you have to pay..." However, imagine you are a HT in
> another state and you have worked for 3 years as a HT. You want to move
> to Florida. You could not get a licence here unless you took the
> training program. How ridiculous....who is going to take a training
> program for something they have already been thoroughly trained to do?!?
> Firstly, this could be why I see postings on histonet asking why there
> are so many job openings in Florida.
> Secondly, this is a major deterrant for people with degrees wanting to
> become HT/HTLs. I have already taken 5 years of university in the
> biological sciences as well as some Master's degree courses in advanced
> molecular techniques. I really like histology but I not interested in
> taking a 1 year technician program that I could have taken when I
> finished high school.
> Thirdly, will this lead to further shortages of HT/HTLs with degrees in
> the work force?

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