RE: racial slurr/histonet/T. Marshall

From:"Horn, Hazel V"

I am appalled by the treatment you have received.   It's a shame we are so
quick to jump to conclusions.    Keep writing to us.
From across the pond.

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> Elizabeth,
> As you very well know, I was reporting on what I found on Usenet. 
> I commented "Deplorable".
> Now, you take me to task for repeating/reporting this, and I find my name
> splattered about the subject of numerous e-mails juxtaposed with "racial
> slurr(sic)".
> I hardly think this is fair.
> Head in the sand is fine for ostriches, but is generally and rightly
> considered a bad attitude in humans.
> You say:
> "I have no idea who this guy is but he has absolutely no business on the
> histonet."
> This is tolerance?
> Terry L Marshall B.A.(Law), M.B.Ch.B., F.R.C.Path
> Consultant Histopathologist
> Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire
>      I am deeply angry and saddened as everyone else in America and the
> World 
> at what has happened in New York.  I have the utmost faith in the US: its 
> people, the people's government and their military to do what they have to
> do 
> to make America safe. .....
>      .But I am so very much offended and have absolutely no patience at 
> having to read a racial slur on the histonet...even if it was
> commentary????? 
> There is absolutely no excuse! I am so angry I can barely type.... I have
> no 
> idea who this guy is but he has absolutely no business on the histonet. 
>    Over  5000 innocent people/Americans were just murdered due to
> ignorance, 
> hatred, fanaticism and bigotry (whatever name you would like to give
> "evil". 
> Someone's sister, brother, daughter, son, mother, father died for
> absolutely 
> no reason......Anyone who uses the deaths of these "innocents" to further 
> their own hatred of any group, race, religion or country offends their
> memory 
> and me.
> I am only one of many histotechs that uses the histonet frequently and I
> love 
> it and I cannot believe it condones this language. I would like  this guy
> off 
> the histonet for placing a racial slurr on the histonet!  He has nothing I
> want to hear and obviously nothing to say.
> Elizabeth Hayes HT
> Houston, Texas 

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