RE: Who's interested? (Re: Nonviolence????)

From:"Dawson, Glen"

To All,

I must admit that I am at a loss on the people here on the histonet.  I am
tired of being scolded for stating MY opinion as so many of you have felt
compelled to state yours since the 11th.  The screams of "this is not the
right forum" are ridiculous.  Have you been on the histonet?  Is this topic
relevant in relation to 90% of the postings since the 11th?  The answer is
obvious. conclusion, I will continue to state my opinion when I
feel the need to inject another point of view into a stagnant discussion and
if you don't like it, delete it and save your critique for someone who gives
a rats a__.


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  Then why did you say what YOU thought? At this time we need to stop
jumping on each other.  Please allow Glen to speak his mind, just as you
just did.
   Gail Macke

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Glen: Among scientists never say what you think or believe,
because no other scientist wants to know what YOU think.
Scientists state facts, and they justify them with references
to books, articles in journals etc. 

What you think and believe may well be true, and then again
it may not. Histonet is about Histotechnique, and there's a place 
for posting opinions, anecdotal claims, people's experiences etc
_within that field_. 

Outside the histo field there are plenty of other media for 
promulgating one's thoughts. I strongly recommend writing
a letter to the editor of a good newspaper. If it's printed 
you hit a large and literate audience with the equivalent of 
a peer-reviewed scientific paper.  

Dawson, Glen" wrote:
> I believe that nonviolence should not be on the minds of any American
> citizen today.  The time for forgiveness and tolerance (In regards to
> involved with the US attacks) is totally over.  When the US turns a
> ruled by a corrupt government, practicing a bastardized form of religion,
> and literally producing terrorists like an assembly line factory not to
...  etc

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