RE: Tissue Processors/Microtome

From:David Taylor Manager

Dear Allison, We have 2 Leica RM2135's in service for 3 and 4 years
We all love them dearly.
They cut beautiful ribbons of biopsies and are sturdy enough to cut
decaled femoral head and cervix blocks. A very reliable all-rounder.
We have just had our annual Australian Institute of Medical Scientists
meeting in Melbourne and the new VIP was on display. It seems that Leica
learnt from Tissue-Tek(Sakura) and now Tissue-Tek has learnt from Leica.
There are a number of user friendly improvements on the old VIP and the
TP1050. The one I like is being able to change reagent using an external
drain/ fill while the processor is running. (As long as that reagent
isn't being used.)
I understand that Leica also has a new baby coming out sometime soon.
Unfortunately Leica did not exhibit at our meeting so I don't know what
the new unit does or when it is being released. We have 2 Leica TP1050's
and have been very happy with their reliability, user friendliness and
performance. David.

David Taylor
Laboratory Manager
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

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