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From:Carrie Kyle

i agree with charles.....and i guess i don't understand why we don't just use the ascp's definitions of the two titles????  seems to me that would go a long way to relieving a great deal of confusion.
carrie kyle-byrne

>>> "Charles.Embrey"  09/25/01 06:51AM >>>
In all places I have been a Histotechnician has been an ASCP registered HT
and a Histotechnologist an HTL.

Charles R. Embrey Jr., PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Carle Clinic
Urbana, IL

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Subject: Salaries and Job Classification

Hi Everyone;
What criteria do are you using for Histotechnician and Histotechnologist?  I

have a new Pathologist (Site Director) and he wants me to find what most 
laboratory is doing.  What make one job classification different from the 

To my friend in the NY area:  What is your hourly rate for Histotechnician 

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