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From:Connie McManus

I don't do BVD...yet (that's coming, however, so i read this with great
interest)... but I have experienced the same thing with the Hepatitis B IHC
that I do.  I have found the best results are on freshly cut sections.  I
have not noticed any detioration in staining intensity with old vs new
blocks however.

Connie M

At 10:03 AM 9/11/01 -0400, Cynthia Favara wrote:
>	I work on various animal systems with various in house and
>commercial antibodies. I have not done a controlled study, but I have done
>enough with different antibodies to know that the strength of the staining
>can vary with precut specimens. In my spare time I would like to do precuts
>and hold some and RT and some at -80 then do staining at increasing time
>points. Now I just cut my control sections when  I run the IHC. 
>Cynthia Favara
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>Subject: BVD staining
>I am experiencing problems with our BVD (bovine viral diarrhea) stain. My
>controls are precut, sometimes a week in advance. Slides are not heated
>until right before they are stained. At first the control stains very nice,
>but over time the staining on subsequent runs is diminished. Only a few
>cells will stain. I make up the antibody dilution fresh each time I use it.
>Is anyone else doing this stain and if so have  you experienced this
>problem? Any suggestions, anyone?
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