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From:Amos Brooks

Hi Jim,
    I should apologize ahead of time, this turned out to be a little longer
than I expected, and is not really related to histology even though it
affects all of us. Delete it now if you are as tired of hearing rants on
this topic as I am ... that said here's my (latest) rant.
    I really don't think America is "just realizing" terrorism. We have
known terrorism for years. It may not have been as rampant as it has been in
other parts of the world, but we were certainly not immune. I can think of
many situations such as PanAm flight 100, the USS Cole, numerous hijackings
and bombings of domestic air liners.
    In 1998 there were 111 terrorist attacks 40% of which were directed at
the United States(According to Patterns in Global Terrorism 1998 "Year in
Review"). http://www.usis.usemb.se/terror/rpt1998/review.html
    And let's not forget that this was not the first time the World Trade
Center has been attacked. The same monster responsible for this also sent
someone to blow it up and knock one tower into the other n 1993.
    What sets this tragedy apart from all the others is the sheer magnitude
of it. The current number missing or confirmed dead is about 6300 people. If
I am forgetting a single incident that claimed that many (probable)
casualties please let me know since it seems significantly more than any I
can recall, and bears remembrance!
    Also, this was not a single instance of a terrorist act. Four planes
were hijacked with a common purpose, to destroy American buildings. This
took a lot of planning (many people involved) and lots of money. Let's also
not forget that the WTC casualties were not just American, as the name
indicates the WORLD was involved. There were people there from all over the
    Given these circumstances the United State's reaction to this attack is,
and should be, more severe than with any attack we've seen so far regardless
of where it occurred. We executed Timothy McVeigh for the killing of less
than a tenth of that many people, and he was, (I am ashamed to admit) a
citizen of this country. Requiring Afghanistan simply to turn over this
animal for a just trial only seems fair. It's not like we could execute him
on the spot or anything. A trial would be necessary.
    Take home point: Like it or not, We're all in this together and have
been for quite some time. It is high time to do some house cleaning.
Amos Brooks

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> Dear Histonetters!
> Only now American peolple can realize what great and hard strugle led the
> Russian government and all Russian people against the islamic terorism.
> Israeli people do the same frome the first hours of their existence.
> Jim Collins.
> Severomorsk, Russia
> Regional Hospital
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