O.T. Nonviolence/Sept 11 - my 1st & last message about this. And long!

From:marjorie lehman

Please Guys,
Let's not snark at each other.
I probably know better than many of you how frustrating/infuriating/frightening
the attack was - my Lab is across the Hudson River from New York and we stood
and watched as the second tower was hit, the towers fell and the fire burned.
We have watched as the smoke has risen from the rubble for nearly two weeks.
Every day we see the hole in "our" skyline. Many of the people here never knew
it without the Towers there .... now they are gone ...... More than 6000 people
are gone ..... and we can't do anything about it!!!!!!
Every one of us on Histonet are edgy and tend to strike out at anything because
we are so frustrated.
Many people have said we are a Family. I feel that way too. Let's not fight
among ourselves.
I personally, and I emphasize personally, have been touched by the outpouring
of sympathy and caring from all of you.
I personally, and I emphasize personally, have been interested in how others
have reacted and in others' opinions and have read all the messages. I
personally, and I emphasize personally, don't agree with many of you, but I'm
not going to argue with you or try to change your mind.
And .... I personally, and I emphasize personally, enjoy other O.T. messages
and little jokes etc. We are serious about our work (I've been serious about it
for 40 years) but I'm not serious 24 hours a day for cryin' out loud!
Have I said that this is how I personally, and I emphasize personally, feel
often enough?
As many have said, there is a delete button. If you have a low boiling point
use it frequently. If you read a message and don't agree think before you
reply. And for you who want to be the Thought Police, please do that on another
chat thing.
If you have gotten this far, thanks for listening to me go on.

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