Microwave Processing Should Be Banned

From:"Jonathan R. Oppenheimer"

Does microwaving tissue cause damage. Sure does. And it destroys cytologic

The procedure COOKS the chromatin and destroys nuclear detail, destroying
the opportunity to recognize cancer when it is present in small quantities.
I have seen this again and again on specimens sent to me for a second
opinion. Hey, it speeds up turn around time. It ain't worth it. . . . . Just
one pathologist's strongly held opinion.

Jonathan Oppenheimer, MD
OUR Lab, Nashville

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Hi Sharon, I'm in a similar situation.  We are demo-ing a scientific 
microwave next month from Energy Beam Science (their web site is very 
informative at www.ebsciences.com)  But I was wondering if any one has some 
pros and cons they could share for Sharon and I.  At the site they have many

procedures using their chemicals of course.  Does anyone use other chemicals

in their microwave- does it cause any damage?

Cheryl Powell
Botsford General Hospital
Farmington Hills, MI

>From: Sharon Cassar 
>To: HistoNet Server 
>Subject: Microwave processors
>Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 02:18:11 +0200
>We are about to purchase a laboratory microwave for tissue processing.  I
>would appreciate any suggestions or information  if anyone uses or has used
>any particular type/brand of this equipmentyour input.
>  Thanks in advance,

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