Lack of Histhet messages

From:Karen Pawlowski

Hi all,

This week I've noticed that there have been allot of postings that say
they aren't getting messages from the histonet. I just put two and two
together.  Dr. Hagler, one of the people who run the histonet, is at
UT Southwestern Medical Center and I know that their server has been
down all week. (I don't know why.)  This is probably causing the

I have directly e-mailed Connie McManus and Cynthia Favara, but I'm
to say that I deleted all of the earlier messages of this sort before I
figured this out.  If any of you still have messages asking where the
histonet is, could you please e-mail the people directly and offer this


Karen Pawlowski, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
UT Dallas

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