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From:Cindy Chard-Bergstrom

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Good afternoon to all,
I am inquiring on behalf of one of our graduate students. She is trying to do ER staining on canine tissue. To date she has tried staining uterus and has used human uterus as a positive control. The problem she is having is with background staining and excessive staining of cells in the stroma and myometrium which is as strong or stronger than the epithelial area that she is trying to stain. This is not an antibody that I have ever used. Any one out there know any tricks for this antibody? Current protocol includes a prediluted antibody, heat retrieval using a steamer, overnight incubation at 4 degrees C and room temperature. Detection is by ABC, chromogen is DAB. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks to all.

Cindy Chard-Bergstrom B.S.,HT(ASCP),QIHC
Microbiologist III 
Kansas State University

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