Amyloid Red (Direct red 72)

Just come in the mail from Anatech is Vol 4., No. 2 of The Innovator, Autumn 

They describe a product I'd certainly want to look at if I were trying to 
stain amyloid. What they have named "Amyloid Red" they describe as a ureylene 
(rather than benzidine) based dye, which according to their MSDS is Direct 
red 72 which is C.I. 29200 and CAS#10114-26-6. It is supposed to replace 
Congo red in amyloid staining. It colors amyloid, with the same birefringence 
(polarization) properties as Congo red.

Obsolete as a textile dye for many years, benzidine-based Congo red is now 
listed by OSHA as a carcinogen, and is likely to go out of manufacture.

Anatech, please put this very informative article on your Web site where 
everybody can read it!

The same issue of The Innovator contains updates on Anatech's manufacture of 
Alcian blue, and on their formulation of brazilin (similar to hematoxylin, 
but much redder) as a nuclear stain to replace Nuclear Fast Red.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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