Adventures in Cyberland

From:Connie McManus

Well, it looks like we're getting mail again.  I heard that Dr. Hagler's
server was down.  Well, we at Utah State University had our troubles, too.
It seems that after the  university Computer Services deleted all the old
student accounts in preparation for the new semester, they inadvertantly
deleted some faculty and staff accounts as well.  This created an
unbelievable mess that has taken all week to get sorted out (I'm not sure
they're completely out of the woods yet, either).  So, mail to me,,  was probably bouncing like  a rubber ball.   I thought
all of this was an odd conincidence -- no Histonet, our university's e-mail
woes  all against the backdrop of terrorist activity --- and has made the
world a tad gloomy for me. I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!  Oh well, it's the weekend
and all is well--- at least here in utah!  I hope all is well with each of
you this weekend, too!

Connie McManus

Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT
(435) 797-1891
fax (435) 797-2805

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