alternative to coverslips for in situ

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      I have recently been introduced to "clavies" for use for in situ. They are rectangles cut from autoclave bags and used in place of coverslips during the procedure.  By rolling an applicator stick over the top I can get the  bubbles out without damaging the tissue. The price is right!  There is just one drawback, static electricity. After the procedure we find these little clavies all over the room They tend to cling to me and mark a trail of where I've been. I sometimes wonder if that is why my lab manager suggested using them.

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Hello Histonetters,

A colleague of mine asked me to post this topic.  She has previously been
getting plasic coverslips to be used for in-situ from a company called
Oncor.  This company has recently folded (unknown reason) and she wants to
know if the company has a new name, or if anyone knows of another source
for these.

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