Vibratome information needed

From:Gayle Callis

Our dept is writing a grant to fund a vibratome, along with a confocal

I need the following information including any open discussion you wish to
add about the instrument.

What are the advantages of using a vibratome, in particular, for confocal
microscopy specimen preparation? Please be very specific and detailed.    

Please share your or a colleagues publication citations using vibratoming
in conjunction with confocal microscopy.  This would be a bonus. 

We are looking at the vibratome which provides sections from 10um and
thicker, with good cooling potential.  I was told this is a pricier but a
tidge fancier vibratome.  If anyone is using this machine, please expound
on its use. 

Thanks in advance on this sad day in our lives here in the USA.  I can only
hope this never happens anywhere in the world ever again - to any of our
Histonet friends, colleagues, families, mankind.  



Gayle Callis
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