US tragedy

From:"Connolly, Brett M"

While I always try to refrain from sending non-histo related messages,
yesterday's unbelievable tragedy compels me to forward this to the histonet
community. My sincere thanks to those of you from across the world who have
voiced their support and condolences.
Rest assured, we will pull together as a nation and survive this calamity,
but our lives are forever changed. 

Brett M. Connolly, Ph.D.
Heavenly Father,
We are moved by the alarming news and crisis that our
country is facing. This, the greatest nation, founded in the
belief that  "In God We Trust" & the "Land of the Free".

Please have mercy on those suffering, hurting and in fear, and give wisdom
& strength to those who are assisting. May the forces of evil be
broken by your power and may we humble before thee, our
strength and refuge.

Give wisdom to all our President & our leaders and
bring your Comforting peace through the power of your Holy

Help us here to reach to those that have been
affected by this tragedy.

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