Travel by planes

From:Linda Jenkins

Fellow HistoNetters,
	I just wanted to give you a heads-up on air plane travel right now.  My 
son Dan (the computer nerd) was flown out of Charlotte,NC  Wednesday night 
in a private plane to an undisclosed area in Maryland to work on a digital 
telephone security problem.  He called yesterday to say that the hardest 
part was getting on the plane.  Boarding was done single file while 
accompanied by military police carrying machine guns.  NO carry-ons 
allowed.  Just about every area was searched except for body cavities!  I 
do not know if this is going to become routine - but I wonder if the 3 hour 
pre-arrival time for air travel is adequate?  Anyone else flying yesterday?
	Needless to say - I will be VERY glad to see all my histo friends at the 
meeting next week (expect special hugs) and appreciate every ones effort to 
arrive in Charlotte (and it will be an effort).  I will be driving and if 
anyone was planning on hand carrying an item to the meeting that I might 
have - I will be glad to bring for you.

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