Re: unusual artefact

From:Connie McManus

this is an interesting solution to this problem.  I  am wondering if, by
circling about your chair, you haven't made a modification of the old
ritual of the witch's dance under the full moon.  Since I have never had
this problem, and I read this thread with much wondering and awe, I cannot
say that I have had occassion to try this method you describe.  I do,
however, know for a fact that when my sections just don't want to cut
right, all i have to do is get up and go to the drinking fountain, take a
good, long drink, and when I return, problem is solved. 

Connie McManus

At 05:36 PM 9/5/01 +0000, RUSS ALLISON wrote:
>When I have trouble cutting a decent section, I get off my chair and 
>walk around it three times.
>It works wonders for section cutting, but does "B" all for that often 
>named, but never proven "processing artefact.
>Anyone succeeded in inducing it?
>An experimental model would be more than useful.
>Nos waith da!
>Russ Allison, 
>Dental School

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