Re: unusual artefact


I don't think histonet has yet solved this problem despite lengthy, 
multi personnel input, good practical and academic, theoretical 
discussions over all the years it has been operating.
Which lends a small drop of credence to my long held,  dispairing 
theory that it is, at simplest, multifactorial
i.e several factors have to come together at once for it to happen.
(and probably only one to disappear, for the arefact to take cover!
Indeed, it may be that any two (or more) of X conditions have to be 
resent when "X" could be any number above two!

There was an undergrad in the UK who chose the conundrum as 
the topic for his honours degree.  He promised to make his results -
 conclusions public, but I have not seen them.
If he, his tutors or his superviser is out there, please let us know.

When I have trouble cutting a decent section, I get off my chair and 
walk around it three times.
It works wonders for section cutting, but does "B" all for that often 
named, but never proven "processing artefact.
Anyone succeeded in inducing it?
An experimental model would be more than useful.

Nos waith da!

Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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