Re: racial slurr/histonet/T. Marshall

From:Marsha R Price

There must have been an understanding, obviously. He was repeating a slur
he has seen. He was as appalled by it as everyone else seems to be. There
is no reason for anger against one another. We are tring to unite. Maybe
we should not talk about this subject right now on the histonet. There
are so many strong emotions right now.

Everyone does need to talk about these things, but I am not sure we
should do it on the histonet. 

I am touched by all the condolences and prayers sent from our
histonetters from around the world. Thank you.

Marsha Price

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001 14:44:29 -0400 "Weems, Joyce" 
> Did you misunderstand something? He was just quoting the deplorable 
> things
> he had seen - and saying how bad it was. 
> Joyce Weems
> Pathology Manager
> Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
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> 	Subject:	racial slurr/histonet/T. Marshall
> 	   I am deeply angry and saddened as everyone else in 
> America and
> the World at what has happened in New York.  I have the utmost faith 
> in the
> US: its people, the people's government and their military to do 
> what they
> have to do to make America safe. ..... 
> 	    .But I am so very much offended and have absolutely no 
> patience
> at having to read a racial slur on the histonet...even if it was
> commentary????? There is absolutely no excuse! I am so angry I can 
> barely
> type.... I have no idea who this guy is but he has absolutely no 
> business on
> the histonet. 
> 	  Over  5000 innocent people/Americans were just murdered 
> due to
> ignorance, hatred, fanaticism and bigotry (whatever name you would 
> like to
> give "evil". Someone's sister, brother, daughter, son, mother, 
> father died
> for absolutely no reason......Anyone who uses the deaths of these
> "innocents" to further their own hatred of any group, race, religion 
> or
> country offends their memory and me. 
> 	I am only one of many histotechs that uses the histonet 
> frequently
> and I love it and I cannot believe it condones this language. I 
> would like
> this guy off the histonet for placing a racial slurr on the 
> histonet!  He
> has nothing I want to hear and obviously nothing to say. 
> 	Elizabeth Hayes HT 
> 	Houston, Texas 

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