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From:Phyllis Davie

    Another thing to consider on those macrophages is that the coloration
may not be any sort of non-specific "staining" at all.  Macrophages eat a
lot of pigmented stuff (hemosiderin, melanin, anthracotic pigment, etc.)
which naturally remains pigmented throughout the immuno procedure.  Check
your H&E; if the pigment is present there, it CANNOT be an artifact of the
immunoperoxidase procedure.
    As far as a positive control for macrophages; besides spleen, lung can
be a good control, but there's no guarantee that the alveolar macrophages
won't be pigment-laden as well.  I am not specifically familiar with MOMA-2,

Best of luck,

Phyllis Davie
PhenoPath Laboratories--Seattle, WA


on 9/7/01 3:30 PM, L. Muffley at wrote:

> Thanks to everyone for the advice on the non-specific label in mouse
> spleen!
> Also- does anyone have a recommendation for positive control tissue for a
> macrophage marker (specifically MOMA-2).
> Lymph node? (can i get around using spleen?)
> Eventually i want to use MOMA-2 on NBF fixed mouse tissue (wounds).
> Lara Muffley
>                               Dermatology Dept
>                               University of Washington
>                               Seattle, WA

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