Re: Nostradamus BULLSH^T

From:Lockwood Paul H

To All,
     I believe Dr. Naseem Ahmed Sheikh's intent was to offer sincere
condolences to those of us on Histonet who are U. S. citizens. As for the
quote from Nostradamus, the problem with prophecies are the very vagueness
in which they are put forth. I wouldn't put too much stock in it. I think
Dr. Sheikh was simply trying to find some kind of appropriate way to put his
feelings into words.
    I have been silent all this week because I've had trouble getting on.
The phone lines have been tied up around here, even though I'm eight hundred
miles away. Like everyone, I have been shocked, saddened, and angered by
this horrible act.
    In my life I have had the privelege to go to college with, and work
with, people of many nationalities and races, and religions. I want those
responsible found and punished. I don't want to punish the innocent, nor
ostracize on the basis of "guilt by association" where that association is
shared religion and culture.
     Paul Lockwood

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