Re: In situ hybridization signal

From:Amos Brooks

    I really think you are going to need more reagent than 100 ul per slide.
A conservative amount would be 200 ul. Since you seem to have a slide full
of tissue 300 or 400 ul is probably a better bet.
Amos Brooks

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From: "Szigeti Csaba" 
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 5:01 AM
Subject: In situ hybridization signal

> HAllo there HIstonetters!
> Ive a question to you all...
> I work with Fixed spinal cord material. My signals on the slide is
> Ive many (6-9) cords on the same slide.
> Probe penetration with microwave and triton.
> The first two cord on the slide is wonderful, but the other is fully
> 100mikroliter/slide probe i use.
> Whats the matter?
> CAn u some advise to me?
> Thanks a lot to all of you. Bye Csaba

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