Re: Crappy Attitude

From:Marsha R Price

Have you heard the song by Cheryl Crow. One of the lines go "If it makes
you happy, then why the h--- are you so sad?" Or in your instance I guess
we could change it to mad.

Apparently, you did not read all the messages before this list.

I LOVE Histology, I have never been bored with the rapidly changing field
of histology.

I am for the education requirement, I think it is an excellent idea and
raises our standards, I only wish they would require a minimum of an AS
instead of the 60 SCH.

My original question was "With the education requirement that is to take
effect in 2005, will histotechs pay be raised?"

I have been enlightened and thoroughly informed by my fellow histonetters
regarding this matter and I respect your opinion even if I do not agree
with you.


On Mon, 03 Sep 2001 12:18:57 -0400 Mike Becker 
> To Marsha and anyne else with this kind of attitude:
> Sorry if I come on too strong and I have heard al those reasons 
> listed below
> but you either way off base or in need of some good old mental 
> health
> counseling plus a new career. Here are my top ten reasons for 
> becoming a
> tech and staying in the field from 1981 to the present.  Here goes:
> 10.  We do band together! Several state in the US require a license 
> to
> practice Fla being one-come on histonetters help me out here-there 
> are
> several more states which also require a license and others are 
> working on
> it.  Every state  that I am aware of has a state association you can 
> join
> and you can prob join all of them if you wanted to support them all 
> plus
> there is a wonderful NSH for the whole country which advocates, 
> lobbies and
> rallies us together as a profession and has an anuual meeting in a 
> new city
> each year!  Join NSH and advocate for federal licensure, Marsha..  I 
> didnt'
> kow nurses, cytotech and med tech didn't like us-where have I been 
> living in
> a closet-who cares what they think we are HISTOTECHNICIANS-we should 
> like
> ourselves!!!!! Respect yourself and others will too.
> >
> > 10.We do not band together and demand the respect like the nurses,
> > cytotechs and Med. Techs do.
> >
> 9.  As well is should be-we need college educated at least 2 yrs 
> associate
> in the sciences or more if a tech ever wants to advance.
> Histotechnologists, managers and supervisors need a Bachelor's to 
> even think
> about that level of work.  Wher else would a 2 yr ASS trrained histo 
> tech go
> to advance up to a bs level position-it's a career ladder.  Even if 
> you
> don't stay in histology a 4 year degree will get you further than a 
> 2 yr or
> a HS. What century are you living in Marsha?? You can start with as 
> ASS.  It
> is important. If someone wants histo bad enough go thru the 
> channels. Pay
> your dues and do it. HS level thinking will keep our profession 
> immature as
> many of they who practice are straight off the steet with no science
> training and no sense of themselves.
> > 9. The 2 year ojt route/ HS diploma minimium will no longer be 
> available
> > after 2005.
> >
> 8.  I can't read this  item so I can't comment on this one-what are 
> you
> saying here?
> > 8.The education requirement that will take effect in 2005 is just 
> like 4
> > SCH's shy of an AS (WHY?).
> >
> > 7.No matter what kind of education or no matter how good of a tech 
> you
> > are, you will never be compensated appropriately.
> >
> 7.  Let me ask everyone who love this field are YOU IN IT FOR THE 
> > 6. Very few people in this world that has had any contact with the
> > medical world even know that we exist, much less know what we do.
> 6. WRONG!!  I work daily with the pateients in a Mohs surgery 
> setting-they
> know what I do and you can educate anyone about lab work-it's a 
> given that
> mostlab work is behind the scenes anyways-if you want to be "seen" 
> do
> something else get out of lab bench work. It is a behind the scenes 
> job for
> a lot of people and they still like it.
> > 5. Apparently Monkeys can be trained to be histotechs as told by
> > someone's professor. (I think he watched Planet of the Apes way 
> too much
> > and took it seriously.)
> >
> 5. BULL----!
> > 4. HS grads can become histotechs with relative ease (so why the
> > education requirement?).
> >
> 4. Same as above about education-ditto.
> > 3. Kitchen help in the hospital can be trained in only one day to 
> cut and
> > stain H&E slides.
> >
> 3. WRONG-it takes 6 months to a full year to become profiicient in 
> cutting
> all types of tissue and to learn to trouble shoot all kinds of 
> tissue
> problems.
> > 2. There is a shortage of histotechs and with no incentives being
> > offered, that means those that remain will be worked to death 
> before help
> > arrives.
> > 2.  Proabably true unfortunately. So true.  But your attitude isnt 
> helping
> the profession is it?
> > and are you all ready  for this. Drum Roll Please! The No. 1 
> reason for
> > not letting your children grow up to be Histotechs.
> > 1.  Says who?  the Histotech gods?  If you beleive all this carp 
> then it
> will be a self fulfilling prophesy in you life. I for one love this 
> field,
> love the work and love the doctors who dx.  If we don't staop 
> thinking like
> you e-mail and spreading this crap around we will go down the tubes.
> HISTOLOGY_love it or leave it Marsha.  You are not doing the field 
> any good
> posting what you just did.  I respect and admire anyone who takes a 
> lowere
> salary and does what they really love and is good at. How about you? 
>  Sales
> is big for compensation I here. Go sell some stains!  Sorry to be ao 
> abrupt
> but your e-mail infuriated me this morning.  Good Luck.
> Sue Becker BS HTL(ASCP)
> Albany, NY 12205

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