Hi all,
Please allow me to rattle on.  I'm not responding to anyone's post in 
particular, just trying to express my own thoughts.  I am a deeply religious 
person... it's part of who I am... so if I seem too religious for those of you 
who are not this way, please delete.

I am deeply greatful for the love & support we in the USA have received from 
all over the world.  Evil things such as this tragedy in NY, DC and Penn will 
happen anywhere, anytime. They have happened in other countries seemingly as a 
part of daily life. We in the USA have been very blessed with freedoms and 
peace that many nations have envied and modeled their governments after. 
Sadly, we've taken it all for granted.  We had a big wake up call that many of 
us... me included ... are numbed by.  I don't think the full effect of this 
has fully sunk in to any of us yet, at least, this is true for me.

It's up to us who live in a civilized frame of mind to combat the hatred, 
anger, vengefulness that is a natural response to these depraved acts.  I 
fully and completely believe justice must be served to its fullest extent upon 
those who are guilty.  But I also believe that we must not allow ourselves to 
fall into a state of vengefulness.  I fear deeply for the millions of innocent 
Muslims and Arabic peoples everywhere that they will become targets of this 
hatred.  I pray for them.  And I pray that those who are filled with hate and 
anger toward those who have authored and executed this most dastardly crime 
will not extend those feelings toward the innocent.  I pray that we will be 
able to replace our hatred with charity, our fear with faith and hope, our 
anger with compassion.

As I think upon what kind of person could crash a plane filled with innocent 
people into a great building like the WTC, I cannot fathom that level of ... 
whatever.  I can't even think of a word to describe how depraved and sick such 
people must be.  It's the same mentality that tortured and gassed millions of 
Jews in the Nazi prison camps of WWII.

I see the love and cooperation between people as they come together to save 
lives and rebuild what was destroyed as a good start to a new day in our 
world.  As time goes on, I believe we will see more and more goodness come 
from this mess in ways we cannot yet see or even dream of.

god bless everyone of you.

Connie McManus

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