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From:Alex Molinich

Ward's Natural Science sells a "Ward's Interactive Histology Resource
CD-Rom, which as 180 images of Ward's prepared slides.  

Mac. Windows $99.00, Item number 74-5156
Lab Pack/5 $199,  Item number 74-5157
Network Version $399.  Item number 74-5158
 You can order by calling 1-800-962-2660. 

Best regards,

Alex Molinich
Biology Production Manager
Ward's Natural Science
5100 West Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14692
Phone 716-359-2945 ext 320
Fax 716-321-0372

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Ebay.  Search "histology" and there's usually a few sets available.


James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)
Mass Histology Service, Inc. 

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I'm looking for a CDROM with images of normal histology of major organs
use for training new recruits.  Any suggestions?


Phil Hall
St Michael's Hospital

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