RE: Nair to soften nails

From:Cheri Carver

I have used RDO (Rapid Bone Decalcifier for the preparation of Histological
Materials) for several years to soften nails.  After processing and
embedding, face off block and place in RDO for 5-10 minutes, rinse block in
cold water and cool on cold plate or ice water.  Sections ribbon off the
knife easily.  

We order RDO from IMEB,Inc.  1-800-543-8496

Hope this is helpful.
Cheri Carver HT (ASCP)

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Subject: Nair to soften nails

I would like to know if anyone has had any experience using Nair to soften
toenails and fingenails. I know I have heard of using this before but am not
sure of the details.
Do you just mix a little Nair in water or use it full strength?  And how
long do you leave it soaking?  Has anyone had any other experience using
something else to soften nails?  We will be doing fungus stains on these
specimens as well.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.  Jean

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