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I use this antibody @ 1:200 for 30 min. with no retrieval at all.  LSAB+

The only problem I have run into is that it seems to be very dependant on
fixation.  While working it up make SURE to use the best pancreas block you
have (Not pancreas that has been sitting in fixative forever).  My faint
staining was fixed by choosing my best pancreas block (The one that looked
the best for synaptophysin, chromogranin, islet panel, NSE, etc...) and
using it as my control.  Believe me, good fixation is the key with this one.

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Can anyone help us with a problem with our CD99 from Dako?
We use 1:1000 1hr and get lots of background and weak staining.
With microwave we get almost no background and almost no staining.
We use peroxide blocker but no protein blocker because we only need
that with polyclonals.  Dako CD99 is monoclonal mouse.

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Steve Machin UK

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