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Good to meet you Bobbie, I used to work with IU hosp gasteroenterology part
time many years ago. rrichar3@iupui.edu)

Good news from our lab,  a co-worker located her brother that works just a
few minutes form the WTC.  He was late to work that morning!

There is a fantasic outpouring of help from all areas.  I read this morning
in the newspaper that a response team from Indiana arrived at NYC.  As they
drove in on the bus, a person waved a sign expressing love to Hoosiers for
their help.

This is an opportunity for this Nation to have a re-awakening that we are
all connected and need to support each other not just in times of crisis.

And I beg of all in this Nation that are going through the process of trying
to understand and grieving the loss, please remember that members of Islamic
community here should not be the target of our grief.  They have experienced
the blow just as we all have. My husband related how a co-worker's a local
Hebrew congregation invited an Islamic mosque to have a prayer vigil Tuesday
night and both congregations were threatened!

Rose Richardson

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From: Miller, Barbara 
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> Rose,
> We are neighbors.  I work at the VA in gastroenterology.  My address is
> bmiller2@iupui.edu.
> Don't you think that it is tremendous the way people here have responded
> the crisis situation in NYC and DC.  I have classmates both in NYC and DC.
> One is still missing.  He is a Naval officer at the Pentagon.  The others
> sent emails that they are OK yesterday.  One, a computer specialist at the
> Pentagon returned from a special meeting at the Renaissance Hotel in DC to
> find that her office no longer exists!  They are going to find her space
> another part of the building but that may take several days.  Right now
> is working via computer out of her home.
> I understand they are collecting blood at the Conseco Fieldhouse today as
> the regional blood centers were overwhelmed with donors.  I think that
> and the foreseeable future is a good time for all of us to fly our flags
> and rally together.
> Keep in touch,
> Bobbi Miller

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